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02-06-2013, 09:47 AM
UL Washington
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I think Jackson should be in the Hall of Fame. But I also believe he took the money from the gamblers and knew about the fix.

My rationale for putting him in the Hall is that Jackson wasn't the only star player involved in throwing games for money. He just got caught up in the most famous case.

Landis swept similar charges (for less important games, mind you) regarding Cobb, Speaker, Wood, etc under the rug.

Furthermore, with the way Comiskey treated his players, you can't judge these guys the same way you would today's players. Back then , there was no recourse if your owner was screwing you. Owners had been slashing salaries across the board even though just a few years prior that had promised to increase them (because of the threat of the Federal League, which was short-lived).

Not saying what these guys did was right, but with how things were back then, it was only a matter of time before a World Series was going to get thrown.

I beleive Landis was also right for throwing them out of baseball for life (he had to make an example out of them so it wouldn't happen again). The punishment had to be over the top or it would have happened again. Look at today, and the 50 game suspensions don't prevent anything.

That being said, Jackson is dead, so his life sentence should be over. Bring him into the Hall of Fame where he belongs.

Rose, on the other hand, wasn't facing the same issues. He was just an egotistical degenerate that wasn't facing any of the same issues as the players were back in 1919. Plus his new reality show sucks.

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