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02-06-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by MW6 View Post
I think the biggest mistake was not selling at the deadline last year. It had been a rocky season, were not in serious contention and had a lot of veteran UFA-to-be's.


All of them would've gotten 2nd round picks or higher, to kickstart a rebuild.

One of GMGM's problems IMO has been that he doesn't know when to cut his losses, maybe he has too much pride to acknowledge it himself. Varlamov was one of the few times he got i right, even though Varly might become a great starting goaltender for the Avs.
He has to be able to see what's best for the team, especially if he wants a team able to compete for the Cup every year.
This team was looking to make the playoffs and teams in that mindset do not trade away players for futures for the most part.

Sometimes teams don't think they are likely to make the playoffs, sell off players for futures, and then get better and make the playoffs but teams who actually think they are going to make the playoffs rarely trade away roster players without getting roster players back.

And once they made the playoffs Hunter's coin flips were one flip away from getting to the 3rd round. Sure that means squat now but still...

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