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02-06-2013, 10:21 AM
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Please Note**

Photobucket has undergone a massive makeover including a whole new interface and limitations for linking and displaying HD images. No longer will full size originals be displayed when I post image links, but rather a downsized web version. You CAN still get the original sized image in all the HD glory for your desktop, but you have to visit the photobucket library and then click on OPTIONS of the image and DOWNLOAD to get that version. If you just click and save, you are getting a small preview version.

I don't like it one bit as a pro user (paying for the hosting) I expect this for the free users but not the paying folk. I'll roll with it a while and see how it goes. I would jump ship to a new hosting service but with over 2,100 images on there in various libraries... that's a bit much pain for unknown gain at this point.



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