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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
I am starting to come-around to your perspective on the Weber (any highly paid number one defense-man) issue. Certainly, having a player of his abilities would be an asset, but perhaps only in a non-capped system. Is the NHL now a league where these highly paid (cap hit) players actually hinder a team's chances at success? Do their high-cost mean the rest of the team is too weak? Do the team's young (ELC) players have to contribute at a high level? Do Kassian, Schroeder, and Tanev need to play, and play well, for the Canucks to have any chance?

Your ideas about Weber (high cost player) are certainly interesting, and stimulate thought beyond the talent of the player.
Weber's cap hit isn't very high. The Ducks won a cup in a capped system with Neidermayer making the current equivalent of about 13 million per year. The issue is that Kesler's 5 million per year is one of the five best non-ELC contracts in the league. You don't give up that surplus value.

I would absolutely take someone like Weber or Suter at 8 million a season otherwise.

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