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Originally Posted by PaulProteus View Post
Oh absolutely. One of the things that drove me the most nuts about watching Sherlock was that I didn't really know anyone else who was watching it, so I had no one to talk about it with.

And I hammered them out in marathon sessions as well. I first found it on Netflix before I had heard much about it anywhere, and then borrowed the bluray from a friend as soon as the season 2 disc came out in the States. Although my marathon watching certainly doesn't match your one day Sherlock-a-thon!
Ok, cool. I'll put it in white because I forget how to do the spoiler box and I'm tired and don't feel like figuring it out.

OK so if they explained the cliffhanger from Series 1, with Sherlock pointing the gun at the bomb jacket and the snipers all locked on Sherlock and Watson, I completely missed it. Did they explain it? I thought they didn't but then I talked to my sister and she said they did but I don't recall.

I'm sure this has already been swirling around the internet for awhile, so forgive me if I'm making obvious observations, but I definitely want to know what Molly did to help fake Sherlock's death. He says he thinks he's going to die and he needs a favor, then she says yes and leaves and she's never seen again.

While I get that Moffat's a huge fan of the original stories and Moriarti wasn't a huge part of those stories, it's still a shame that Moriarti's dead (and I totally think he is). He's basically The Joker, I'm obsessed with him, best villain since Ledger's Joker and even then it's definitely a discussion. His death, while mindblowing, was a shame.

Definitely let me know about this bomb thing if there's any truth to it, not cool to leave a 2 year cliffhanger like that and not even address it.

EDIT: Oh shoot, I just looked up the summary of Episode 4, I must've been like microwaving pizza or something when that whole scene happened, I have no recollection of The Beegees until Episode 6. I'll have to go back and watch that scene today haha.

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