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02-06-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
It seems like we had a clear Plan A which I was fully behind: sign Ryan Suter and maybe Zach Parise and you can carry on as usual. That obviously didn't work out. So we ended up going with Plan B: roll with Cleary, Bert, Sammy, Cola and Huskins. I was not too impressed with this Plan B but was willing to wait and see how it works out. It's been beyond awful. We are in Pistons territory where we are hoping we can scratch and claw our way to the 8th seed. It's not a lot of fun to watch, all you need to do is read the game threads.

Speaking for myself I am obviously hard core fan. I am clearly not an excellence demander. I totally get that this team isn't any good, and I'm not naive enough to believe if I don't acknowledge it that it will just go away. I think I'm being positive and relevant to the discussion by being pretty vocal about pushing for Plan C: get your young guys into the lineup and if you have a crappy year that results in you getting a shot at drafting an elite talent then you should have a very quick rebuild on your hands.

Let's be real: Datsyuk probably has one more year left. Same with Bert. Z isn't getting any younger and he'll have more of a load to carry without Pavs. Mule is going to see his production fall off a cliff, it happens to all players his age and - oh, by the way - he's always had trouble staying healthy. On the flip side we do not allow our prospects to fully develop. Jakub Kindl is the poster child. We are seeing it this year with Smith not being a fully up to speed two-way d-man. Gus will not get full time NHL play until next year at the earliest and Tatar will have to wait at least another full season before he's given a shot. I can only imagine what the timeline will be with Ouellet, Sproul and Backman.

It's pretty easy to see where this is headed if the only option Ken Holland can wrap his head around is Plan B: sign older veteran players who have solid cap hits but will never replace the elite talent that has left the organization over the past couple years.
I'm not sure the kids are even plan C, or at least they weren't when free agency began. There was at least one guy, Salo, who chose not to sign here. I don't remember if there were others, but the Wings seemed to have a pretty definite "Anyone but the prospects" mentality once free agency hit.

I've been with you on wanting to see the kids get promoted, though. I'd rather see them than Miller & Eaves. I'd include Cleary, but I'd like to see him in a reduced role first. He gets a lot of flak for not being able to handle 16 minutes a night, but I think he still has more to give than Miller in 12-13 minutes. I sort of hate to say it, but Emmerton has grown on me this season. He's bordering on being a respectable fourth line center, which is a good sized step after his play most of last season.

edit: and what Dolph brought up with Nash, etc. There seemed to be a lot of smoke around potential trades, don't doubt Holland was trying to start a fire or two.

Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
I agree, and hope Sammy makes me eat my words, but I just can't see it. Obviously would love to have Helm back. He sparks the team in a way no other player on the squad can.
I hope Sammy can light a match on the third line, too. Our bottom6 has an odd makeup to it, that doesn't encourage me much. Guys like Sammy and Cleary can be solid complimentary guys if they have someone skilled next to them who can shoulder a bit of the load, but when they are the line, I'm not sure they can consistently get the job done in the offensive zone. I have a feeling we'll see a lot of scrums along the side boards, the puck squirts free, and then the other team is coming back our way.

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