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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
I am switching to D in beer league/rec league. D level. I have been playing wing but it is not ideal for me and D is just a more natural spot. I really have not played it much though in organized hockey. (first season). I am 6'4, 240. I can move anyone I want. What I wanted some advice on was just how much you can typically get away with in a no-check D league. This is all new to me so I honestly don't know. My first priority is clearing the crease.

Can I just push a guy out?
Do I have to keep from fully extending an arm(like getting caught holding in FB).
Can I move them with elbows or does it have to be just a body on body sumo type of thing?
Can I do anything I want with the stick short of actually pinning it against them and holding them there?
Also, should I stake position in front of them if I cannot clear them out, or tuck behind them to try the stick lift?

I know these must seem like amazingly basic questions, but I am an amazingly basic new(old guy) player....

Depends on many things. No matter what input you get, it'll all depend on the refs and how they call a game at any given time. Often I'll get a guy run up on me and I'll slam him against the boards or shove him on his ass, sometimes I get called and sometimes I don't.

I'm 5'10" and in my time playing at my current leagues I've been between 205-220lbs. I'm also a powerlifter and am quite strong, so sometimes a "normal" shove that anyone else would get away with turns out to be overboard for the refs. But then again, I've once thrown a fat guy who was crowding our crease *over* our goalie and off the crossbar without getting a call. He cross-checked me and so he went for a ride.

Anywhere I play, I stay very even-keeled until someone gets rough with me. Then I kick it up and see what I can get away with. As you get to know your refs you'll get a better idea of what they'll let you do,too.

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