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02-06-2013, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Zorf View Post
Praise be Jesus! Regin had one good game out of 9 so far! He must be back!

Who cares if it was against one of the worst defensive teams in the conference, and against a joke of a goalie who hasn't won a game since November 2011!

But hey, let's make a new thread praising the guy when he finally does something good...even if it is only every 10th game.

I was a big Regin fan, like everyone else, during that playoff series against Pittsburgh, but he has completely failed to return to that level of play. Whether it was jsut a flash in the pan and he got lucky on those shots, or, whether his injuries have ruined his game, he's just not the player anyone thought he would be.

Also, In my opinion, he is not at all a good 3rd line C on any contending team.

On a healthy Sens roster, would anyone seriously advocate putting Regin ahead of Zach Smith on the depth chart?

That's where he should fit in when the Sens have a healthy roster.

But hey, he got lucky on his assist with the Phillips goal. Lucky that Enroth is a sieve, that is. his play on the Neil goal was good, but should we really be praising one good offensive play in 9 games?

i hope he turns the corner and proves me completely wrong, but so far, this season, he's been a disappointment.
Didn't he win a perfectly clean faceoff for the goal?

Oh, and if we want to talk about disappointment's, you can throw Zack Smith in with Regin thus far.

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