Thread: Rishaug: Kreuger's injury solution
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02-06-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by CornKicker View Post
flex ability and core strength is severely underrated in todays sporting world. this is a great idea and the underlaying part here is that it is impossible to properly strengthen your core without being in great physical shape o it will make players come into camp in top shape (not that most dont already)

Rishaug/Gregor brought up Peckham. First off Kreuger is a very communicative coach who talks to his players, but Peckham was the guy that initiated the talk yesterday and it was the first time the two have talked this year.

Second, yes Peckham came in slightly bigger(243 opposed to 240) then usual, but the team gave Peckham a program and when he comes in that big and has strains it obviously pissed Kreuger off.

I'm assuming Kreuger is thinking if Peckham would've listened he wouldn't have the issues that he's had to start the year.

Now one can only hope that Peckham who is willing to go to OKC and get into game shape plays with a chip on his shoulder and hopefully going forward players realize Kreuger is serious about this.

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