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02-06-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Kitten Mittons View Post
I'm sure PS4 will also have the same "no second hand games" policy, which just sucks.
Meh. It'll save me money. I have about 200 (I'd say about 140 used) PS3 games.. and I've played about 40 of them.. and probably only about 15 of them frequently.

No used games = a lot of saved money for me. Especially considering all the DLC I bought for them. I should probably should be thanking the gaming companies rather than hating on them.

Not to mention, used games was a good way for me to try out a series. I would never have tried Uncharted, despite reviews, unless I saw it used. I did.. I ended up buying Part 3 brand new with all DLC, then I bought the Jak & Daxter series because I fell in love with the company, and I plan to buy The Last of Us.

Used games aren't the devil gaming companies make them out to be.

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