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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
Not uncommon two people listened to the same comment, yet heard 2 different things.

Dineen, who never likes dissing players, says he was ok, specifically points out oneof the three goals.. Thats not having no issue, thats having a major issue. He didnt say " He did everything i asked for; he didnt say "he stepped up when we needed him" , etc etc. I think he was clearly unsatisfied with Clemmer's performance. We will never know.

I dont think we disagree on Clemmers performance that much. I think we would agree that it was " Serviceable." Where we part I believe is you would keep him right there for the remainder of the year....

I would not. I believe this team can make the playoffs and go deep with Markstrom/theo. We are a decent team but require outstanding goaltending. Clemmer does not give that to you, and in a shortened season Its even more glaring. Markstrom gives us the best chance to bring back last years excitement, to make the playoffs, and bring the franchise up another level once again.

So if your of the premise of perhaps writing off the season, and thus ok with a serviceable back up, then the status quo is just fine. Im not. I think Markstrom playing 10-15 of the 40 games left gains us 5-8 points more than clemmer would and that IS the difference.
We made the playoffs with Theo and Clemm last season. We can do it again. Our forwards are better and you could make the argument our D is as good. Kulikov and Guds are a year older, and Strachan is playing well. We need guys like Weaver to stop making mistakes and Weiss to start to produce. Kuba has thankfully improved a bit.

Why do you think the Rangers are struggling? Do you think it's because Henrik? Should they make a goalie change? It's because they're having a lot of the same problems we have had. And the only reason our record is not ideal is because we had a ton of injuries. Since we got pretty much everyone back we've been a team that can make the playoffs. We're DEAD LAST 5 on 5 gf/ga. That's not going to get this team in the playoffs or make any kind of run. That has to do with poor breakouts by the D, sloppy plays, and dumb decision making by the skaters.

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