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Originally Posted by HF-Addict View Post
gj at portraying a stereotype point of view of montreal. (French school....private school?, , Montreal getting smaller?, may not be growing at the same pace of other towns like Toronto, but getting smaller? A few media hasbeen like Raymond, Bergeron have the power to stop a NHL player joining us? plz, don't give them that power. For every bad ones, there are good ones like Brunet, etc. Maybe you don't remember the english media and Patrice Brisebois (Breeze-By) Relationship? Since when do we only want francophone players? Kovalev....I believe we all wanted Elias...etc. Seriously, give your head a shake.

The Number of years and 0 at the end of the contract makes a LOT of difference. But for similar contracts, other factors can play in different for each player such as weather, pressure, langage but to say it is the priority for them is a joke.
And what, pray tell, makes you think that Gainey's offers in terms of dollars have not been identical to the offers made by the winning clubs? Remember Lapointe? Same offer as Boston, but surprise upon surprise he didn't choose Montreal.

OBVIOUSLY the 0's are important. But when the dollar value is close between an offer with Montreal and an offer with Nashville, or New Jersey, or frikkin Phoenix, do ya think then all the other stuff comes into play? *laughs*

"Hm. Nashville at $4.5M. Montreal at $4.5M. Let's see. Nashville's con's: small hockey market (not necessarily the end of the world), bad country music (apologies to country fans, this is just an example). Montreal's con's: too numerous to list. Right. Decision made."

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