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02-06-2013, 12:09 PM
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Tor and Mont and Van etc etc fans seem to love bashing the bruins and us fans repeatedly on the main boards and i think honestly alot of other fans just jump on the popular hate train.....
I venture out onto the main board on occasion and there is always at least one thread that is focused on bashing the Bruins.

there are really only 3 players that are truly railed upon by the other fanbases (Marchand, Lucic & Chara) ... the other players aren't nearly crapped on as much as those three. (And I'd add Edwards as the 4th most hated "Bruin", ahead of any other actual player.)
I actually think some fans of other teams would have a hard time naming too many other Bruins-or they get them wrong (see "tough guy David Krejci" or recently somebody trying to argue Bergeron was a "rat").

As for Edwards I bet there are more threads criticizing Edwards than Chara and he is probably the most hated local play by play guy outside the Bruins fans (shoot he is disliked by a lot of Bruins fans).

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