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02-06-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Maybe Mike Sullivan should be fired (he never struck me as a particularly thorough x's-and-o's guy), but is it his fault that these people simply can't make quick, on-target tape-to-tape passes?

At this point, this is a club with above-average skill. Maybe not up and down the line up, but certainly top heavy with it, which should translate to the power play. It is mindboggling that they are such a poor passing team. Worse teams, much worse teams, seem to have more chemistry offensively than this team.

The guy behind the bench running the PP is surely responsible for developing some sort of scheme for these players to follow, but NHL players shouldn't need anyone to tell them the basic tenets of a power play (or offense in general): keep moving your feet, keep moving the puck, and open space and time will avail themselves to you. Get defenders out of position, and you'll create high quality scoring chances. These aren't the braindead Scott Gomezs or Olli Jokinens of the league, these are mostly players with proven prowess in the decision making aspect of the sport.

The skaters are slow, their passes are frequently a moment too late, a couple of inches off target, or simply the wrong pass to the wrong player or area of the ice at the wrong time.

Renney's buddy who looked like Ronnie the Limo Driver couldn't solve this problem, Sully can't solve it. I don't know who the answer is, because even a great coaching mind can't make up for poor execution.
Regarding the PP, the absence of a triggerman on the point is/has been a huge problem. I think theres added pressure to make the perfect play without the benefit of a guy on the back end who can bomb it. How many times do you see a stagnant powerplay get the puck back to the point for a big shot and good things happen?

The answer isnt on the roster right now. Maybe Sather can pull a rabbit out of his hat and find a 3rd pairing defenseman capable of that in one trade. Im thinking something similar to the Brian McCabe deal.

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