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Originally Posted by TOGuy14 View Post
Just jumping in, I like Kessler but I think he is fairly overrated around here.

In 5 full NHL seasons, he has four where he had goal totals in the 20s, and one where he hit 41. The 40 goal season looks more like an outlier than a definition of where he is at. His defensive game is very good, yes, but I am just saying that I think his offensive upside is severely overrated and typecast because of one burst season.

As a Leaf fan, a team that really needs a C, if I had an open choice I would take Richards over Kessler personally.

Kesler, when at his prime, is often a leader in raw Corsi Ratings and QualComp.
I have no doubt Kesler has a better ceiling for potential than Richards but the big question is can Kesler keep healthy.
If yes, Kesler is easily the best 2nd line center in the league. If not, he falls quite a bit IMO

Originally Posted by BeersHockey View Post
Not really. Your video would support a statement like "Kevin Bieksa is a better fighter than Mike Richards." But not that Richards is a terrible fighter. Whereas, my video directly goes to the proposition that "Kesler is stronger and faster than Richards." Now, if you are saying that my argument is weak because the video instead just shows Kesler's low character and competitiveness (i.e. because he is a diving cheater), and therefore strength and speed cannot be properly attributed to Richards owning Kesler in that clip, then I accept that as a possibility. Either way, I will take the guy that actually focuses on playing hockey.
I will be the first to admit when Kesler was dealing with a few injuries he was dealing with he resorted to some antics I do not agree with. But players go through that, Richards had a very "colourful" party life that got him in some trouble. Kesler needs to play hard, skate hard to draw legitimate penalties and not this diving crap, then I would easily give my vote of confidence to Kesler over any other 2nd line center in the league.

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