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02-06-2013, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by PantherboyHTR View Post
I agree, Clemmer wasn't bad last night. I'm not sure what all this over-reacting is for. I've been a Clemmer nay-sayer for a while now, for the right reasons, but i thought he had a good game last night. Come on people, no need to hate after that effort.

The first goal was clearly tipped off the slapshot by Ellerby. Maybe you'd expect him to stop that, but a change of direction that quick is tough to stop.

The second goal had some mighty thick traffic in front of the net. It is hard to stop what you can't see. D needs to step up and get more physical and push those guys out of there (which should happen more with Gudbs coming back).

Third goal Little scored was point blank alone in the slot, and ripped it right top corner. Not many goalies are going to stop that.

Clemmer made a couple big saves last night that kept us in the game, I was impressed. He also seemed to be working on improving his positioning when someone has the puck behind the net. I noticed he would go down on his pads inside the net, behind the blue paint so he could get a better, more stable look behind the net. Probably not the technique I would teach, but it seemed to work for him and make him look more secure so he wasn't looking everywhere, then go nuts.

The one thing I would like to see improvement is his rebound control. He still let a few juicy rebounds out there on long shots that could of lead to disaster. Would like to see him absorb those better.

I think everyone needs to take a chill pill at the moment. Clemmers play last night does not warrent this kind of panic. Lets let Marky play in the AHL and develop, but if injuries come, or bad play develops then call up the Monster.

For now, even I am satisfied with Clemmer.
Clemmer is horrible!! If Theo was in net, we would've won 2-0. Fact is, he should've made those saves. Regardless of whether or not the first goal was tipped,Clemmer should have stopped it. It wasn't tipped right in front of Clemmer, it was tipped right after it was shot. He saw the shot the entire way and let the team down.
The second goal was 5-hole and he should've stopped it. No excuses.

I am not a fan of him. He should be traded or waived. Marky is ready for the NHL and deserves more of a chance then Clemmer. I am happy with the Panthers play of late, but we should've had 2 points last night and a 3 game winning streak.

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