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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
Yes, I think giving up 2 goals on the road in regulation is good enough to win games. I'm sorry you disagree. If giving up one goal is the expectation then prepare to never have clemmer or theo or markstrom meet your expectations.

Markstrom WILL be playing at the NHL level this season. It's unnecessary to demote Clemmer to make room for him right now. If you trade him or theo, then okay. But goaltending is not a problem. We're getting better each game. The Rangers and the Kings are struggling and they have the two of the top goalies in the league. It has a lot more to do with sloppy play and poor decision making than with Theo or Clemmer.

It may not screw him up but the whole point in developing prospects is to refine their game. He can work on positioning, rebound control, etc. much more easily at the AHL level than he can at the NHL level where play is much faster. Tallon isn't shy about bringing guys up or giving them a chance. They must want him to get more starts in down there and keep working on things, dominating, and getting his confidence sky high.

The biggest problem we have is scoring goals/goals against 5 on 5. We're dead last. GAA is terrible too but again, I wouldn't put it on the goalies.
I don't think we're disagreeing on clemmenson's ability all that much. You think he is serviceable, and that's how I view him. I'd just rather have someone who has the potential to be better than just serviceable.

I'm not panicking about our goaltending, because there are other issues this team also needs to address. I just feel that having Markstrom as our backup or 1a/1b with Theo makes more sense than having a clear backup.

Theo is not young, he could use more time between games, and I think it makes sense to keep him fresh. The way I see the goaltending situation now, Theo has to play a large majority of the games and I just don't think that gives us the best chance to win.

I also feel that Markstrom has had enough time to work on his game through almost three seasons down in the AHL. I doubt he will have much more to learn by playing the rest of this season down there.

Adding all of the factors above together, and it just makes sense to bring him in to at least see what happens. You seem to think Markstrom will play in the NHL this year anyways, so why not now? How or when do you see that happening? When we're out of the playoff picture?

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