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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
I agree with both of you, but next year will be a unique situation with the cap going down by +/- 6 million dollars. I don't think Jensen, no matter how he looks, would be pencilled in for more than a 9th forward role, and the team will certainly have a contingency option behind him. I just believe Jensen is talented enough -- and physically developed enough, importantly -- to do a bit of on-the-job training. The way AV raved about him last year makes me think he's a kid that he'd like to work with.

My point wasn't necessarily that Jensen will make the team, mind you, just that it's a possibility. Heck, there's even a longshot chance Corrado makes the team (sub 600k caphit!) for a stint if he has a strong camp. The overriding point is that the Canucks cap situation is not all that dire. With Jensen/Lack on the team (if it happened), 7 million to sign a 13th forward and 2 defensemen leaves a lot of wiggle room.

I expect there to be some very good players available for lower-than-anticipated cap hits this summer -- including maybe a few that take 1-year type deals and hope teams have room the following season.
To me, it seems like those potentially low UFA $$$ values, would contribute to Gillis stashing Jensen in the minors. If Gillis can get a decent vet player for say $1M more than Jensen on a 1-year deal, i think he takes that and starts the season with a roster that is just that much deeper.

I am curious to see what happens to the balance in value between 2nd/3rd tier UFAs vs Arbitration elligible RFAs though. I could see some really funky stuff shaping up there. ie. Those premium sort of ~23-26 year old RFAs negotiating a big new contract are going to be using comparables from when the cap was higher...whereas the mid-tier sort of UFAs aren't going to have quite the same sort of leverage in teams wanting to hold onto their young players...and i think they'll be the segment most responsive to the dropping cap and cap space being at a premium.

I'm wondering if that sort of funny business might make some of those premium RFAs more 'tradeable' relative to recent years.

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