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02-06-2013, 01:06 PM
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Why is everybody surprised by the habs this year?

Last year everything that could go wrong, went wrong! We were a much better team than where we finished.

want proof? here goes!

1. Habs had the most man games lost due to injuries in the nhl

2. We were 3rd in the league for amounts of 1 goal games (37)

2. Unfortunately we were the worst team in the nhl in game with 1 goal difference category BY FAR. (.297 closest was Carolina with .341)

3. Habs lost 16 games in overtime for 4th in the league

4 The way Gauthier acted had a profound effect on the locker room causing strife's between players. ( see various articles on Subban, Plekanec, brawls during practice, etc)

So to put it all in perspective, Hab was a team that kept losing 1 goal games due to injuries and management.

Now fast forward to this year and look at the start of this season

1, Were healthy
2, New management
3, Infusion of talented rookies

Will we be able to maintain it? Why not.

As a team I'm ready to compare the habs with any other team if not favourably, them close to it.

Too may so called "experts" gave no chance to the Habs after only checking last year standings without checking why we went from a playoff team 4 years in a row to 28 in the league.

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