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02-06-2013, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
From my understanding Thornton is a well liked guy in the Boston dressing room. Chara is a guy who has no problem to come flying in to defend teammates, so I say there's a remote chance Chara fights Scott. However, that only happens if Scott becomes a "menace" Slashing, trying to take runs, even though he can't really skate, chirping, trying to fight other Bruins besides Chara. Also, if Boston is losing and the above happens, I think you'll see Chara and him go.

On a sidenote, kudos to Scott for just skating away after beating Thornton down and not parading around like an idiot.
I think the suggestions that Chara needs to fight Scott and if he does not it's because he's scared are absolute nonsense -- for all the reasons already stated above.

However your last comment bears repeating. Several of us, myself included, have used the word plug or goon when explaining why the Chara Scott demands are stupid.

I regret that. Scott did his job (a brutally tough job) against Thornton very well and I think had a significant impact in the game. As Analyzer states, he also didn't showboat. Finally, his comments after the game were intelligent and respectful.

Bottom line is that claims that Chara is somehow afraid or something less is he doesn't fight Scott are ridiculous.

I don't know much about Scott, but he certainly handled himself with class in this instance.

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