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02-06-2013, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by WiFi75 View Post
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong to bench Granlund. But timing is weird. Granlund played better when he was demoted to 4th line. He got the message. If he did fine with Konopka, why to change anything. 3rd/4th line that's fine.

I think he should bench Heater instead. I understand that he can't bench Cullen, because they don't have enough decent centers.

But yes, I have to trust Yeo. He's the coach and he must know better. It's only a bit weird decision IMO.

E: Oh, I must've understood something wrong earlier. I thought he would bench Granlund. But looks like 3rd/4th line?
Then I'm only worried about 2nd line. Bouchard will be very much alone there.

E2 Sorry, again. It's a decision between Seto/Granlund? Ok, over and out.
Don't you get me wrong I'm not fond of the decision at this time either. MiG's suffering because the team's doing badly as a whole. It's not his fault though and like you said, he played so much better in Phoenix that I think it'd be justified as well as important to reward him for that and let him play, but it's easier to bench a rookie than a veteran.

It's not like MiG's going to complain or become a problem in the locker room. He's not like that. If anything, he's going to think he's not good enough to play even after his effort in the last game. That's not a good message to send a young player, so I sincerely hope someone will tell him it's not that simple.

I wouldn't mind seeing Heatley in the pressbox for one game for that matter, either. His effort level has been less than stellar lately. But I doubt that's going to happen. In fact I'd be even happier to get rid of both Seto and Cullen, get a good 2nd line C in return and give Granlund a chance as a winger in the top 6, but somehow I doubt that'll happen either.

If MiG sitting in the pressbox becomes a habit despite giving stellar performances while given a chance (any chance, not even a top 6 one), then I'm going to start asking a lot more questions about Yeo's methods. Right now I can only hope it's very temporary.

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