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Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
You make some valid points here... It's also worth noting that after THIS many games of play...hehe, come on, really?! 60 games of the same crap, no significant change for the better, ok. 9 games after no preseason, a lockout for half the year, no training camp, and a hell of a lot of turnover since the end of last year, what the hell do we expect.

You know that Chicago team that's rocking everyone, or even the Ducks for that matter, yeah, mostly the same team for a few years. Hmmmm...

You're a season ticket holder, I would have thought you would have noticed all these changes first hand.
Every team dealing with the same things at the start of the season, the Wild are no different. That excuse has no validity whatsoever, just an excuse. Particularly with the talent that has been added.

Also, Yeo has been at the helm for one year already. In case I missed it as a STH, or watching on TV, seems like ZP is fitting in quite well with his new center.

Take this figure. $4,825. Multiple that figure by 12. What do you get? Heightened expectations.