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02-06-2013, 01:20 PM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
As always I defer to those of you with more knowledge of NHL dealings, but at this point what benefit would a signicant trade do for this team now, as it is currently constructed?

Good or Bad, Oates had zero time to implement his style of play prior to this abbreviated season. Whoever is added is going to need a stretch of games for themselves to get aclimated to Oates style, and the players on the team will have to develop chemistry with the new player. So how will adding a new player help this team with so few games left in the season?

Why not ride out this season and save significant front office and roster changes for the offseason? At that time there will be a proper free agency with a number of players hiting the market that had their big contracts bought out with the NHL version of amesty available.

By waiting for the season to end a new GM can re-tool, not rebuild, this team in his image and have the time and assests in FA to do it properly.

As bad as things appear right now, with the season so short and a HC with no real time to implement his system properly, just seems that a significant trade during the season will not have a positive affect.
Unless its a goalie. (yes, Luongo)

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