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Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
Yeah it was the one Sirius NHL channel guy who was really nagging on it. Apparently they were inundated with Flyers fans calling on the subject and were seeking Rangers fans to call in but none did (lol, nice). But someone, I think an Islanders fan, made a good point - he took a puck to the face - it's way different than being boarded head first and taken off by a stretcher.'s Crosby. Most of the time no one knows if he is diving or not
I don't like when fans do it but happens and it happens in almost any sport in any arena around the world. I personally don't do it but I know there's fans here that have done it here in Philly. I just don't like when fans of other teams jump on other fan bases for doing it when it would probably be the same story if the roles were reversed.

Like last night there was a thread on the main board about Crosby and this incident and of course pens fans were in there doing their normal victim act. It was hilarious reading through some of the comments from them. If giroux got hurt in their building no doubt in my mind they would be cheering.

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