Thread: Post-Game Talk: 10-13-1. "A bunch of donkeys on skates"
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02-06-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by marcel snapshot View Post
Ribeiro's may be a jerk, I have no idea - but he is indisputably a pro. And as a pro -- and a successful one who's not familiar with our strange, Caps-like ways -- it wouldn't surprise me if he was a bit taken aback by the degree to which Ovie free-lances and departs from the system, as well as his work habits. And it wouldn't surprise me if he's signalled that in some way. Remember this from last spring:

“I don’t want to say persons, I don’t want to say situations, but sometimes you just know like, some guys, if you didn’t play well they just look at you like, you know,” Ovechkin said. “Of course, you can see it, I can see it and somebody else gonna see it and it’s not the way we gonna win the game.”

You look at the game in Toronto last week: Ribs puts a perfect pass on Ovie's stick after a nifty zone entry with 4 seconds left in the game and Ovie misses the net from the circle. If I'm sitting at home saying how can he miss the net, don't you think some of his mates are saying that, particularly since it's been an issue -- and a fixable one -- for a couple of years now.

Part of being a pro is being willing to hold each other accountable. Maybe Ovie is still struggling with that.
Wait, Ovechkin missing a snipe is unprofessional now?

That would be literally the worst thing to hold against a fellow hockey player short of Joel Ward's penalty against the sens.

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