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02-06-2013, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Meh. It'll save me money. I have about 200 (I'd say about 140 used) PS3 games.. and I've played about 40 of them.. and probably only about 15 of them frequently.

No used games = a lot of saved money for me. Especially considering all the DLC I bought for them. I should probably should be thanking the gaming companies rather than hating on them.

Not to mention, used games was a good way for me to try out a series. I would never have tried Uncharted, despite reviews, unless I saw it used. I did.. I ended up buying Part 3 brand new with all DLC, then I bought the Jak & Daxter series because I fell in love with the company, and I plan to buy The Last of Us.

Used games aren't the devil gaming companies make them out to be.
That is what is great about used games. I'm NEVER going to cough up full price on something I am not crazy about just to "give it a chance" because I've heard good things.

Like you, I bought Uncharted because it was used and ended up buying the next two at full price. Used games are a gateway to other games. I understand software companies being upset about used games, they make no money and the retailers make a bucket full. There had to be a different alternative to getting rid of them all together.

I think a fair compromise would have been to have the retailer and the developer share in the profit of used games.

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