Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hawks - Sharks = Hawks Win 5-3
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02-06-2013, 01:41 PM
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great game from the boys. not sure why but even when we got down early, I wasnt upset or screaming yet. I for some reason didnt feel the game was over or out of hand..and sure as ****, the boys came back and beat them Sharks baby!!

this team has skill there is no denying that, and though I love Keith sticking up for Mayers, I really dont ever want to see that again. If Mayers is on the ice, that means our 4th line is out there, someone else needs to pounce on him besides Keith. I get the fact that Keith was right there, but I just dont want to see him get hurt...bravo to Keith though for standing up and being a leader, that kind of **** bonds a team.

Bickell played great, used his body and threw some big hits. I think you deal with his crap just for games like these.

Shaw looked good as well, happy that he was out there buzzing all night.

Awesome for Saad, the kid deserved this soooo damn much. Now lets see 19 more kid!

Kane is the king of right place right time. puck just finds him.

Crawford's play was one of my favorites this year from him and I know that sounds crazy. I was actually saying for Q to pull him after the 3rd goal, but he didnt and stuck with CC. Crawford stepped up and made some key saves the final 2 periods which really helped us out. this game proved to me this year is a different year for CC and he is a different goalie. I loved his resilent play and never die attitude, it showed the whole club that he wasnt quiting on them. he gave up 3 goals, but never gave up another from the 2nd on...loved his play.

overall a treat of a game to stay up for, now I cant wait to beat the living **** out of Torres and and the Yotes tomorrow...!!!

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