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Originally Posted by ursavolta View Post
i agree with most of what you typed up except for a couple of things. Strachan should and will get more then 850k plus more. Either with the panthers or with another team. He has shown great confidence and poise with the puck. I think he gets a contract sort of like weaver - 1.1mil - 1.2mil x 2yrs - 1way. I would rather have him instead of weaver or jovo.

Ellerby will not sign another one year deal. I remember last year that tallon and co. were going to give ellerby a long shot and told him this is a make or break season. I also remember them riding him hard on his exit meeting last season. I think his agent will push for at least 2 + 3 years, this is his big rfa signing. the amount of games he has played should give tallon a good window to see where ellerby is ranked amongst the team + depth. He hasn't done anything that warrants him out of the lineup. I wouldn't mind having ellerby back on board, I feel he has alot of room to grow. If a very lopsided good trade proposal pops up with him in the mix then i say we should pull it! But I say we keep him and let him grow. I would like to sign him to a one year "prove your worth" contract, but his time is ticking.

Skille is just not worth it. He is another booth - without the scoring touch. I would rather have bergenheim or smithson back than skille. Too bad he is wrapped up in drama. Skille has all the tools to become something greater but he doesn't think the game the way he should. He has awesome speed + energy and provides that push around the net, but he doesn't make any of the players around him better + he does not finish chances. I still have hopes for him.

Resigning smithson wouldnt be a bad option. He could play wing as well, plus has good faceoff skills, if the center gets kicked out he can take it. He hits, skates hard and adds grit. Plays a solid quiet game. Him and matthias would be a good 4th line combo.

i don't think that upshall makes the team worse by any means. His contract is pretty bad I admit. He does provide grit and speed and he has the capablility to score when given the chance. If there is a trade option that makes us better then i say pull it!

The thing that I cannot wrap my head around is next year's center position.

Weiss (if he resigns,which I hope)

Where do you think bjugs will fit in the equation? (that is if he makes the team of course) . Move goc down to the fourth line?

Bjugstad will start the season in the AHL just like Shore did. It'll give him time to adjust like Shore did and then he can be brought up later. Also, Matthias has looked better on wing than he has at center (he's not very good in the faceoff circle from what I have seen).

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