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Originally Posted by Broad Street Elite View Post
My point in mentioning your BABIP argument is that fallacy that because the Phillies may have a bad defense that will doom them to "struggle for .500". I think the statistics in the area of team fielding demonstrate that there is little to no correlation that would suggest that fielding is a strong predictor of team success.

I would contend that this team will live and die with injuries as any aging team will. If we miss the playoffs, it will be because one or more of our aging stars spends a significant time on the disabled list.... not because of any potential shortcomings we have in team defense.

I, for one, am not convinved that Young plays, that Ruff stays nor that Michael Young is going to be a defensive albatross in the manner you are suggesting. I expect this team to be middle of the pack defenisvely based principally on the notion that our defense up the middle is so strong and our pitchers will be successful in covering that weakness.

Furthermore, your BABIP prediction (.35) is insane. No team in the last decade has had a number higher than the .331 put up by the Rays in 2006.
Are you trying to say that quality of fielding isn't a component of success?

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