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Originally Posted by Phaneuffan3 View Post
Yea like I said I'm not here to cause trouble, and he does fight tough guys but they are usually at a physical disadvantage. Fighting guys that are 6'0 or 6'1 200-215 pounds. Just out of the list you provided the following would fall into that category: Clarkson, Prust, Neil, Gleason, Brookbank. Which I would place in the Thornton category of LHW. The only real top notch fighter you provided was Orr, and we know how those fights have ended.

So my point is that Lucic likes to think he is a Heavyweight however his fight card is littered with wins over mismatched opponents and non-fighters. He also declined to fight Wayne Simmonds after the hit from behind in Philly last year. (further avoiding answering the bell)
I know, and I'm not trying to argue either. I just get tired of the Milan Lucic is a bully that's afraid to fight the big guy arguments.

If you've watched any interviews off ice, Lucic is a pretty goofy and polite interview. He's not a hard-ass and doesn't claim to be anything more than what he is. He regularly states that when he's skating and hitting he can be effective, when he's not he's not effective at all.

I don't think Lucic thinks for a second that he is a Heavyweight. Most of his fights are of the Neely category (physical contact leads to confrontation leads to his temper snapping). Very rarely will you see him engage in the "face off agreement" type fight.

The true professional fighter you call out - Orr - is definitely a heavyweight and definitely has those kinds of fights all the time. Of course he skates about 5 minutes a game too.

To the people who criticize Lucic for backing off the fight with Orr, what do they want? Orr clearly smashed Lucic's prodigious nose. Are we to believe all the internet tough guys wouldn't have dropped like a rock at that point?

Orr beat Lucic -- big deal. Calling Lucic some kind of a pansy (which people do all the time) because of that is silly. As silly as me calling Orr a pansy for getting knocked out by Shelley, or Fedoruk a pansy for getting knocked out by Orr.

At the same time, anyone who claims that Lucic doesn't regularly back up his physical play aren't being truthful.

And for the argument that he beats up little guys???? Why can't they run away from those fights just like people claim Lucic does when he's not calling out Scott, or Orr, or the professional fighters?

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