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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Weber's cap hit isn't very high. The Ducks won a cup in a capped system with Neidermayer making the current equivalent of about 13 million per year. The issue is that Kesler's 5 million per year is one of the five best non-ELC contracts in the league. You don't give up that surplus value.

I would absolutely take someone like Weber or Suter at 8 million a season otherwise.
Your example of the Ducks supports my point. They also had young ELC guys like Getzlaf and Perry contributing to their success. I still like Weber, but don't see these players (like him) who are paid so high, as adding to a team's chances, unless the team has young talent that is cheap and contribute a lot. The Canucks, as I understand this more fully, are not going to be able to have such players (and be competitive) until they acquire the ELC players who are top talent.

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