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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
Are YOU serious?

Gaborik cant carry Nash's jockstrap? No, Gaborik's busy carrying offenses and being nearly a PPG instead. People are busy fawning over Nash hitting and trying to play defense, when he has yet to really take over an entire game. Gaborik finishes his chances. Nash, thus far, has not. If I want a 7.8 million dollar guy who hits and plays defense, id rather go for Shea Weber.

Nash was brought in to score. Period. End of.

Gaborik is the reason for two Ws in the win column, bud. How many GWs did he have last year? How many times did Gaborik disappear last year? How many consistent goal games did he have? Did he play through a torn labrum in the playoffs?

When are you people going to open your eyes and stop being so delusional? Whats with the anti-Gaborik agenda with some of you people? Honestly?

I ****ing wonder about people on here. I really do.

Uhhhh Nash is twice the player Gabby is. Half of Gabby's goals could be finished by Bickel. Half are snipes or true skill moves but in his strong statistical years he picks up so many garbage goals.

Didn't look up the exact number but Nash is shooting at 5% or maybe lower? If you think he maintains that than you have an argument. No one thinks that though. Even with him not finishing he is a single point behind Gabby and does a hell of a lot more than Gabby when he isn't scoring.

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