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Originally Posted by MTrangers View Post
Uhhhh Nash is twice the player Gabby is. Half of Gabby's goals could be finished by Bickel. Half are snipes or true skill moves but in his strong statistical years he picks up so many garbage goals.

Didn't look up the exact number but Nash is shooting at 5% or maybe lower? If you think he maintains that than you have an argument. No one thinks that though. Even with him not finishing he is a single point behind Gabby and does a hell of a lot more than Gabby when he isn't scoring.

I would LOVE for you to explain how?

9 games isnt enough time, sure, but Gaborik has a PROVEN track record of performing here, regardless of style. Hes been as advertised here.

Nash on the other hand? Im sure hes a different player than most expected him to be, but he has yet to really impress me. Hes got great hands and uses his body well, but other than that, whats so great? If hes twice the player Gaborik is, he sure has his work cut out for him goals and points wise as a Ranger.

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