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02-06-2013, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
I am not blaming the coaching staff for the direction as it comes from the Flames management who for some reason want to play veteran AHLer in order to win games. The best explanation I have heard is it possible that these moves are about attendance in Abbotsford but the Flames shouldn't give a damn. Their job is to develop their prospects.

Here's what I was saying about Nemisz, Wahl and Howse. These players have all been first or second line offensive players so why try to make them into third or fourth line checkers. Put them out on the top lines and let them sink or swim. It's adjusting from junior to the AHL and then to NHL but you have to see what your prospects can do and they need to learn how to be a pro. It's not about winning, it about improving your young talents every day. Develop, develop and then develop, it's a big part of smaller market team as well as the big teams now in the salary cap NHL. Calgary has done a piss poor job in the past of doing this and their success rate for their draft picks turning into NHL player has something to do with development.
I completely agree with this, this has been a problem with the Flames farm system for far to long. I know Ward is a good coach, but for example a mandate from management should of been made to give Irving the majority of starts during the lockout if he was seen to be our goalie of the future. Irving did admirable last season in his few starts and regardless of his struggles this season he should be been playing a ton more on the Heat. If you draft players to be top 6 players, then that's where you should be playing them. That's what a farm system is for, hence the name. Developing our prospects has been the biggest weakness for the Flames since they came to Calgary, this needs to change just as much as our drafting needed to.

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