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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
Theyre different styles of players though. Its like expecting a Ford Taurus to drive like a Ferrari.

Let Gaborik be Gaborik, and let Nash be Nash.

I dont want Gaborik to try what Nash does, cause he cant. Hes not good at it. Same for Nash. He doesnt have the shot or speed Gaborik does. Vision wise, theyre both great at making plays, but I give the edge to Gaborik there as well because his playmaking and reading the play are very underrated. Nash could use more playmaking, but he holds onto the puck too long. He needs to realize when to do it and when not to.

I still have flashbacks of the time on the PP where Nash just held onto the puck way too long and got burned for it by Torts back at the bench. I was like "when the **** you gonna pass it?"

It just seems like Gaborik (right now) is more of a team player, and Nash is more of a 'just give me the puck so I can bull through everyone to the goal and score' mindset. Im sure Nash will change at some point but right now, im not impressed.
I totally agree they are different players. On the gabs vs Nash poll I voted Gabs not 3 weeks ago. I've just been impressed with Nash and have a strong feeling that when he starts finishing at just an average pace you guys will be in love with him. I just see the big picture. I guess this is where opinions come in. I'd just rather have Nash than Gabs if I had to pick. That simple.

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