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Originally Posted by KovyLove View Post
Clarkson has more skill than McKay did...McKay was an incredible skater Clarkson is not.

McKay was barely a 20 goal scorer.. in fact he only cracked 20 goals twice in his 16 year career.

Besides the fact that they are both tough and emerged from what looked like a predetermined grinding role they really weren''t much alike
Points wise Clarkson was pretty similar to McKay and that is much in part due to McKay putting a few more assists on the board and Clarkson putting a few more pucks in the net

Both have great shots, are great along the boards and were great in the dirty areas areas of the ice that not many players go into - you stick them around the front and back of the net and you know the opponent is going to get worn down trying to defend them, and then the physical game to go with that

You don't come across many players like McKay and Clarkson that can put pts on the board and play that physical, dirty area game

Originally Posted by KovyLove View Post
Clarkson is more of a classic agitator, McKay was more of a classic enforcer (especially pre 96)...You look at McKay's fight card in his early days he was fighting people like Dave Brown, Marty McSorely and Stu Grimson....That's not Clarkson's game

You never saw McKay chirping the opponent. That is sort of Clarkson's game.
At the begining of Clarkson's year when we were more stacked with forward depth and he was in a bottom 6 role, he was fighting a lot of the big guys also (Konopka, Neil, Gill, McCarty, Phaneuf, Lucic) and while some of those guys are not nearly as tough as the guys you mentioned, they are still among the toughest/biggest size wise in the game today

Now with our depth becoming more depleted, and Clarkson showing he can handle a bigger role, he's needed on the ice more often and in a top 6 role, not dropping the gloves as frequently

The chirping is one thing I've never cared for about Clarkson, but it is what it is

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