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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
Victorino last year with the Phillies (worst season of his career):
101 games, .324 OBP, .724 OPS, 24 SB, 85% success rate

Revere last year with the Brewers (best season of his *young* career):
124 games, .333 OBP, .675 OPS, 40 SB, 81.5% success rate

True, the downgrade from '12 Vic isn't a chasm, but it is absolutely tangible - especially since him 'making some of it up' with the most overrated statistic in baseball is a complete myth (he ended with a worse SB success rate).
So better OBP, and a decent amount of less power like I said. I also meant baserunning as in baserunning, not just stolen bases. Victorino is dumb, he doesn't know how to run the bases, he's just fast. How many times have you yelled what are you doing at him?

Also, I'm not a fan of the stat, but if you like UZR Revere has been a way better fielder the past 2 years, and had the same WAR as Victorino did last year because of it.

Amaro has. Coulple that with Chollie's evident disdain for Brown (and playing young players from the Phillies' system in general) and I choose to not hold my breath for common sense to fall upon the '13 Phil's opening day lineup decisions.

Yeah, if we platooned Ruff/Howard at 1B, Brown/Mayberry in RF and Young/Nix in LF I think all 3 positions would post well above replacement level value... that doesn't mean the Phillies would ever do it.
I don't know if Charlie is against playing young guys, I think he has certain guys he's mind bottling loyal to, like Raul. I don't see Young as being one of those guys. I'm hoping Brown forces Charlie to play him.

You mean when he finished the season with <1 WAR because for the 2nd season in a row he had an OPS in the middle of the pack league wide for 1B?
Yes his middle of the pack OPS for 1B was over 100 points higher than what we got out of that position last year. That is a huge upgrade in my book.

That really is the only one I'm going to concede, but is whatever a 'healthy' Utley is at this point going to help THAT much - even if this one if works out?
He finished last year with a .365 OBP while batting .256 with a .261 BABIP. With better luck he would be in the upper 300's for OBP like he used to. That's healthy enough to me.

I really hate pissing on blind optimism with facts... I feel like I'm trying to convince a friend that the girl he loves is cheating on him. I really am thinking of your best interests by opening your eyes - promise!
First off, since when is saying "I don't expect this to happen" blind optimism? Secondly, your facts didn't disprove anything I said.

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