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Originally Posted by Teemu View Post
Two spin-offs: a prequel for Han Solo and a Boba Fett movie.
There you go.

Originally Posted by Barry Dylan View Post

Please anything but that.
Hahaha this. TFU was one of the biggest let downs I've ever seen. When I read the concept of this game I was truly excited. They made it sound new, fresh, and fun. Being able to wreak havoc Prototype style. What we got was an unthrilling game that played like a "for movie" game with about 5 hours of the gameplay subtracted. Like I had more fun playing as a Sith on KOTOR and Jedi Academy. I didn't think it was possible for the sequel to be even worse, but it was. You know it's bad if my little brother who thought TFU1 was the greatest thing to happen to video games played 1 hour of number 2 before returning it to GameStop. Plus that whole story arch sucked.

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