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02-06-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
That's tremendously foolish. There is virtually no doubt in my mind I am a faster skater than Stepan, having played college hockey and still playing regularly. I don't have any of the TALENT that Stepan has, but skating was absolutely my strong suit and I have skated with plenty of junior players, ECHL players, a few NHL players and several ex-NHL players and there is no question that I am as good a skater as many of them and faster than some of them. I can't do 25% of the things they do with the puck, but that has nothing to do with skating. It's plenty likely that Nevisis could be just as good a skater as I am and doubting that someone here might be a better skater than Stepan, based solely on the fact that Stepan is in the NHL is misguided. Stepan genuinely has a bad stride, bad acceleration and mediocre top speed. I couldn't hold Stepan's jock strap as a hockey player; as an ice skater, I'm probably faster and more agile.
Really? You think not having the puck skills they do has nothing to do with skating?

Well that's just tremendously foolish. If your hands can't keep up with your feet then you're a non-factor at the NHL level. Skating with the puck is as big a factor in skating as anything else.

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