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Originally Posted by EZBAKE View Post
I still think we can squeek into the playoffs this year. It's the post Datsyuk and 35 year old Zetterberg era I'm worried about
I have always felt this team was a 6-8th seed if healthy. Unfortunately, a completely healthy Wings team wont beat Chicago, SJ or any team in the top four in the Western Conference in the playoffs. How Ken Holland can sign players like Sammy on a non contending team is beyond insane.

This team does not have enough talent to compete. It's why i am such a big proponent of letting the youngsters play. They might have potential, but we will never know if they dont get any ice time in the NHL.

The entire bottom six could be waived and replaced with random FA's, and you would not see a decline in production or performance. Justin Abdelkader is awful and couldn't score on an empty net. The bottom six has nobody that can produce when the top six is getting shut down. (See Nashville series and last two SJ years against SJ) The Wings have had fake depth for the past few years. It never shows up when it matters. I love Darren Helm, but he is seriously overrated. The only reason he looks so good is because the people he plays with are total garbage. The Wings used to be a team that could legitimately roll four lines. Today, you are lucky if the Wings have two good lines on any given night.

Jimmy Howard is a good goaltender with random flashes of greatness. He isnt capable of carrying this team with the defense in front of him. He is exactly the type of goaltender the Wings could win a cup with if he was playing on a 2007-2008 Wings team. Unfortunately those days are over. If the Wings want to win with this current team, they need Dominek Hasek in his absolute prime stopping pucks.

What worries me is next year Nyquist will finally get his shot and he will already be a year behind, and Z/Datsyuk will be a year older. Ken Holland is squandering the last few good years of Z and Datsyuk's careers by not allowing players like Nyquist to learn from them. This will negatively effect the next wave of prospects too. "Trickle down failure"

Signing Sammy, giving Bert a contract extension, and allowing Cleary to enter Joe Louis Arena is sucking the life out of this team. I am fully expecting Cleary to get a contract extension. Holland has become the GM that holds onto his players for one contract too long. He likes to take care of his worthless vets as if that means anything anymore in today's NHL.

The defense is definitely in the bottom third of defenses in the NHL even if the Wings had a completely healthy defense.


Start planning for the future instead of holding onto a team that has no hope of winning anything.

How Holland can ignore such stark decline is incredible. A simple graph will show you how steep the decline has been since 2009.

2008 - Cup
2009 - Cup Finals
2010 - Second round
2011 - Second round
2012 - First round
2013 - TBD

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