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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
my results ...

i should probably think of upgrading the cpu/board this year. looking to Haswell.
You probably still don't have to. Your OC'ed CPU is faster still than my stock 2500k based on 3dmark13 anyway. Check the Physics scores. Also other scores with 680's in them seem about the same as yours. I'd bet you could hold out till broadwell unless you wanna go SLI 680's.

For some reason it detected my CPU at 1600mhz, but the results matched others with similar hardware. I think it just didn't detect the speedstep change.

I noticed that the fire test seems to kick the crap out of last gen GPUs, including my soon to be replaced 6950.

TPU has a results thread, good to compare with. Though keep in mind a lot of the cards have a very high OC listed on the right.

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