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02-06-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
What all of us need to keep in mind is that maybe we're really super pissed at NBCSN for what is percieved to be biased coverage. (and possibly officiating, according to some)

If Milbury and Jones didn't talk so much **** about the Lightning, then I don't think this would really be worth talking about.

The fight really wasn't that big of a deal until Milbury started to say **** like 'finish the job' and 'there is no code' because it agreed with his premise at the moment.
I actually didn't think much of it until Pierre brought up the conversation between Marty and Briere, and after they showed the replay I had an issue with it. I don't mind Keith Jones and his bias is understandable. Mike Milbury is a goof, so I was expecting him to say something stupid. The NBCSN crew had nothing to do with my frustrations, but keep in mind I'm a person that actually likes Pierre McGuire and even the NESN crew (usually).

Originally Posted by nhljohnson View Post
Their presence has more to do with who doesn't have to fight.
Agreed. I think it's also fair to say guys like that can be a deterrent, but I chose my words poorly.

Labrie is not a heavyweight and he's obviously not a lightweight, so what does that make him?
A light-heavyweight.

Not sure what this has to with what I posted. General observation?
Yes, sorry for being unclear.

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