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02-06-2013, 04:27 PM
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Disney has been shooting off ideas for the SW franchise in a machine gun-esque fashion, and it seems like their trying to find something that sticks.this is both good, and bad.

It's good because it seems like Disney (hopefully) is trying to gauge fan reaction to all these ideas. Any movie company that tries to listen to their fan base (even a tiny bit) is a win.

It's bad because it doesn't seem like Disney has a clue as how to continue the mega franchise they just bought for a kings ransom. This is scary as you would think that during the negotiations Disney would have thought out and cemented at least some of the ideas for creating material for the franchise they just bought.

This entire thing also has the potential to back fire immensely. The SW franchise is not just another franchise. It's not the Bond franchise, it's not the Star Trek Franchise, it's not the Lors of the Rings Franchise, it's 10x larger than all of three of these franchises combined. This is a franchise that helped to re-define an entire generation. The SW fan base is by far and large the biggest fan base in the world, it is also the most avid and imaginative. However, at the same time the fanbase is also the most rabid, volatile and homerey.

One analogy that fits well to this is the population of Rome. The emperors knew the power of the 'mob' of Rome. If you listened to it, got to know it, gave them it what it wanted, and appeased it to the T, that mob would love you and lead you to ruling the world. If you don't listen to the mob, get to know it and give it what it wants, that mob would turn on you and tear your rule to shreds a hundred times over. The latter is what happened to Lucas during the release of the prequels.

This entire thing could go either way for Disney. I would also not want to be JJ's shoes. This thing has the potential to destroy his directing career in a nanosecond.

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