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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
Seriously. We got a top 5 goalie in the league for nothing. Why doesn't that trade come up more often?
This isn't attack on anyone in particular because I fall for this at times, but it's easier to get passionate and pissed about something you're angry about and ignore all the positives and good moves. In the middle of a game is where I'm often the most guilty.

Tango has brought this up before. We all *****, myself included, about Larsen, and we ignore the fact this is the most prospects I can ever remember watching play at one time with Dallas.

If you're not going to be happy until you get absolutely everything you expect and desire from this team, you're going to be *****ing until you stop watching hockey because no team is going to do everything you want unless you get hired to be the head coach/GM.

There are plenty of good reasons Larsen should play, and I agree with nearly all of them, but lately there is much more to be happy about with this team.

It's really difficult to not focus on something like Larsen though. I'm not faulting anyone for that.

Where Tango and I disagree is he seems to talk like this team should be trying to win now. This isn't a Stanley Cup contender IMO, and they're just stalling the process of becoming a good team by not focusing on development instead of production. It's easy to say Gaglardi shouldn't punish GM Joe or Gulutzan for not winning if they're losing with prospects, but that's not the reality of the NHL. You get fired for losing, both men know that, and it's only natural for some panic to set in at times and force veterans to take on extra ice time because it seems safer.

I hate that aspect of this team, but it seems to be a reality. Gaglardi needs to step in and give them a true vote of confidence so both guys aren't panicking and trying to keep their jobs. If he's not willing to do that, then he needs to do the inevitable and find his own guys and allow them to truly rebuild this team and develop young talent.

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