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Originally Posted by matCH penalty View Post
It's not news that American franchises generally can't stay healthy without a sweetheart deal from its home municipality and/or a billionaire with more love for the game/the team than his net worth. It's nice to hear it publicly, though.

There's no CBA fix to this, either.
Unless you'd like to turn the league into the MLS and watch all the talented players flee to the KHL. The NHL needs to shed some bad markets.
Completely false. There's multiple different CBA models that could solve this issue. The issue is getting both sides to agree to it.

Massive RS sharing (not the wealth transfer we currently have). Depending on how massive you go (75% of gate, 100% of TV/merchandize) that will help a lot of clubs.

Much lower player percentage. Even 30% (instead of 50%) still puts the average NHL salary a lot higher than the KHL.

Use the median % instead of average %. And lower the player share, and increase RS.

Have teams pay the % of their HRR into a pot. So Phoenix pays 50% of their HRR (say 35m) into the pot, while Toronto pays 50% of their HRR (100m) into the pot, and that pot pays all the player salaries.

These are just a few idea's that I've come across over the lockout. I'm sure there's others.

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