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02-06-2013, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
And you continue to take shots at me. Remember where I said that you are welcome not to participate in any future projects I do on this site? Let me change that a little bit: You are not welcome to participate in any future projects I do on this site. And if I don't administer the next project (and after the experience I had administering this one, that would be a desirable outcome), I will highly recommend to whoever does that they not permit you to participate either.

Do you think we all forgot that you were banned by FissionFire (who had nothing to do with this current project) in the middle of the 2009 Top 100 (now top 70) project for repeatedly trying to undermine the project, it's procedures, and it's administrators after the early voting didn't go your way? Sound familiar? You've pulled this crap during 2 of the last 3 ranking projects on the history site, both of them with completely different groups of administrators.
I could have things to say regarding C1958's observations (or your observations regarding C1958's observations) They aren't related to my present message and are probably better off addressed elsewhere.

You did a TERRIFIC job at managing the whole thing.

And that's coming from somebody who acknowledges himself as a "high maintenance" user (something you probably noticed it in the process!).

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