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02-06-2013, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by TullyNYR View Post
It's really not a horrendous comparison at all. You don't think MLB batters hit harder than lower level competition? I can't say I'm a better fielder until I'm facing those same ground balls every day. The same thing applies to skating against 5 regular day NHL players versus one of your occasional ECHL, ex-NHL, rare current NHL, whatever league player. I would imagine it's a lot harder to keep pace when you're worrying about 5 NHLers than it is to keep pace with one high level guy.

But listen, none of this has to do with Girardi, and honestly your little cheap shots are silly. If you want to keep it going, feel free to PM me. I need to leave to get some dinner and get ready for MY hockey game. Yeah, I play too. Guess I can have an opinion after all.

Enjoy your beer league. If you think Stepan's skating skill is above average, I have nothing further to say to you. It is a bad comparison because your fielding ability is altered by the ability of the batters you are facing. Your skating ability is not altered by anything other than your skates/injury to your body. Stepan's skating ability is subpar for the NHL. It doesn't matter that he's skating against 5 NHL players. That doesn't make him slower. That doesn't change his stride. That doesn't change his agility. We're not talking about a tired Stepan in the third period after grinding all game. We're not talking about a gassed kid, 50 games into an NHL season. We're talking about the fact that Derek Stepan, in a pre-season, exhibition game shootout with no contention, is a poor skater and you thinking it's not possible for anyone who isn't an NHL player to skate better is simply wrong. I'm not going to argue with you any more. I honestly have absolutely no respect for you or your opinion at this point so it really doesn't matter. You're wrong and your argument is a bad one. Stepan could go skating in central park for fun tomorrow and be a bad skater. It doesn't change.

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