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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Whereas I agree they should have given him his fifth game, I disagree with the rest.

I think they sent him down because he is becoming a distraction. Of course, not his fault, or any of his doing. The club knew all along that Scheifele wasn't going to be a Jet this year. Why do you think they picked up Jokinen and Ponikarovsky? I still think they should have just left him in Barrie. With no preseason and such a short compressed schedule it wasn't fair to Scheifele, and it wasn't in the best interests of the club, either. I think they just wanted him to know he is still very much a part of the team's future.

Cheveldayoff answered everyone's questions if they wanted to hear the answer. This team won't rush players onto the roster. If that means signing players as bridges, then so be it. People who expect Trouba to be here next year are bound to be disappointed.

To many rookies on a team at once -- no bueno. Look at the Oilers. Kane is starting become a reliable player. Burmistrov needs to take the next step this year. Postma needs to get established. Bring the rookies in slowly, so you don't need to put too much pressure on them. Make sure they are prepared for the responsibility and pace of the game.

If they wait 2 years to get Trouba in the lineup, by then you have Bogosian as a potential Norris winning vet, great top end guys such as Byfuglien and Enstrom, and established sophomore Postma along with Redmond, who will hopefully have a year under his belt. Then you don't have to worry about sheltering a bunch of inexperienced players.

I will also agree that Barrie isn't the greatest place in the world for Scheifele, but that isn't the Jets fault. I still think every team should have an exemption for the underage AHL rule.
I agree with the last part of your post there. I would be fine with sending Mark down if it meant playing a higher level of hockey. However he's not. You can't expect the guy to take the next step if you are never put into the circumstance to do so. I just have this fear that this will cost Mark an extra year(on top of this one) because he's not having the chance to play at a professional speed.

I also think that they never really have the guy ten proper chance to succeed. They put him playing wing, not his natural position, on the fourth ****ing line. I don't get why Noel didnt at least try him on a couple of shifts in the top six. Scratch that, he did, and it actually worked out pretty well, or so I hear.

I do realize they weren't anticipating Scheifele being ready this season, but even still. Even if he's not quite good enough for the NHL, he's too good for Barrie for it to do him any good being there.

I think his development would spike being up here. He'll have NHL level everything from meal plans to training, to team mates to coaching to all that crap. How would it not benefit Mark to be here?

I do understand that too many rookies on the squad is considered a bad thing, but most of our rookies seem to be holding up quite well.

Just my opinion. When I get to be GM of the Jets I might see it differently.

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