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Originally Posted by TubbyTerrion View Post
yeah, that's brilliant. are you 12?

I've put a lot of money out there into the Kings coffers since 1975-76, and I don't feel I've ever really gotten a good return on investment. Of course the year they went to the finals I was living in NY, and then moved back out here two seasons later and the Rangers won the cup, so that period has always been an issue, but derisive name calling of teams, I leave that to children.
No, I'm 31.

So you're above derisive name-calling of teams, ok. What about derisive name calling of fellow posters?

This may get a bit off topic, but I'd like to reply to your return on investment comment.

Here's the thing, Tubby. I respect your hockey knowledge, as it applies to things both on and off the ice. I appreciate all the things you did while back on LGK, such as your coverage of the '03 draft in Nashville, interviews, articles, etc. I'm sincerely appreciative of that.

Also, I understand your frustration with the Kings. What I don't understand, however, is your constant snide remarks (1) against the Kings' fans, not only those on LGK, but on this board too, and (2) against the Kings (which, when made by you, seldom read like constructive criticism anymore, but more often appear as calculated to incite your fellow posters who are Kings' fans).

Yes, this organization has not served us well, and perhaps no one has suffered more than old timers like you or PSP. But I don't think it is a reason enough to be constantly trying to dip our collective heads in the great big puddle of pee that is the Kings past, and perhaps the immediate future, with your invariable negativity toward the Kings and ostentatious exuberance over anything having to do with the Ducks.

Remember, it's the Kings who screwed you, not me, not any other poster. There are ways to criticise the Kings without having your criticism reek of self-righteousness, and it is my sincere disappointment that one of the more knowledgeable Kings posters (not even sure if I can call you Kings fan) is unable or unwilling to take that approach.

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