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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Oh look, another person has extrapolated a 2 game sample size to have definitive meaning. Clap clap clap.
oh look, another person attempting to reply in a condescending tone despite having literacy issues.

It astounds me how the majority of human kind can never reference something within a sample size, and understand it's limitations. Is Clemmensen a great goalie? No. But he's an ok backup if you don't expect too much, and his stats will even out.

seriously....can you read or are you just replying to be a wanna-be know-it-all?

i barely cited Clemmensen's stats this season (or prior seasons) because that wasn't the issue. stats can be deceiving with goaltenders. him being a terrible goalie is the issue.

if you actually watch the games, you'd realize how bad a goalie he is, unless you're blind. he given up a soft goal every game he's played in this year, small sample size or not, and in the last two games it's been several. this is nothing new, though. he's been prone to poor play his entire tenure here, and is why most fans dislike him (me included).

is he a serviceable backup? yes he is. but that doesn't make him a good goalie. it just means there are goalies out there that are just as bad or worse than he is. markstrom is unproven, but obviously has the ability to not only be better than a "servicable backup", but an elite starter. and he's ready to play at this level.

theodore not playing up to the same level he was last season, a regression in both our goalies play is not something we can afford.

if markstrom comes up and replaces clemmensen, the overall position is improved. up to what it was last year, maybe even better. and no one can argue that fact.

simple enough for you?

Markstrom is in the AHL for a reason. He hasn't strung together a large sample size of dominance, for all his talents, and needs regularly playing time.

oh really?

he's played ONE-HUNDRED AND SEVEN games in the American Hockey league. 107(!). The last 60+ being at about as high a level as you can possibly expect.

he's had plenty of time in the AHL to develop. he's seasoned, as seasoned as he'll ever be. he's playing at an incredibly high level right now and his confidence has to be as high as it will ever get to make the transition to the NHL successfully.

the only reason people like you continue to claim he needs time down there is because dale tallon says it. well guess what - dale tallon also thought drew shore needed more time down there and he was wrong - and pretty much admits it now.

Markstrom is ready. Clemmensen sucks. make the switch.

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